Our Heritage and Traditions

CUHK was founded in 1963 and has now come of age to become a comprehensive research university with a global vision and a mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West.

CUHK is the only university in Hong Kong that offers a collegiate experience. College life complements the formal learning experience through whole-person development and pastoral care. The college system also encourages interaction among teachers, students and alumni across different disciplines and cohorts. The very fact that CUHK was established from three original Colleges which predated its own existence gave rise to the pluralistic and vibrant culture of this University.

Bilingualism, an emphasis on Chinese culture and humanistic values, a unique college experience and a strong general education curriculum focusing on whole-person development represent a CUHK identity, of which members of the University community are proud. Our heritage has to be maintained and traditions have to be brought to life through our daily living and activities, amidst an increasingly competitive and globalized higher education landscape.