Strategic Themes - Education

Nurturing Lifelong Learners as Global Leaders

Our Five-Year VisionOur Five-Year Vision

Strategic Themes - Education

A university with continuous enhancement of education to nurture graduates who will be global leaders with aspirations and competencies to make lifelong contributions to society.

Our GoalsOur Goals

Strategic Themes - Education
  • To foster students' aspirations and improve their competencies to make lifelong contributions to society
  • To enhance graduates' global competitiveness
  • To sustain continuous quality enhancement in teaching and learning (T&L)
  • To adopt innovative pedagogies for continuous teaching enhancement
  • To serve the needs and demands of the community for lifelong education and continuing development
  • To recruit students who share our visions and values for an education that will nurture them as lifelong learners and global leaders

Our StrategiesOur Strategies

Strategic Themes - Education
  • Develop an Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme and capitalize on opportunities in the Mainland, particularly the PRD region
  • Enhance critical thinking and self-learning skills, using eLearning and innovative pedagogies, to nurture students as lifelong learners and global leaders
  • Improve students' language proficiency—in both Chinese and English—to enable graduates to be globally competitive for employment and further study
  • Offer joint, including dual degree, programmes with our international strategic partners to increase students' exposure to a global network
  • Redefine the role of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies to serve the needs of the ageing population and second career trends in Hong Kong
  • Improve our outreach to the community, particularly to secondary schools both locally and globally