Engagement—Recognition of Distinctive Culture and Tradition

Recognition of Distinctive Culture and Tradition

Our Five-Year VisionOur Five-Year Vision

An institution with an admirable reputation in Hong Kong, nationally and globally because of its distinctive culture and tradition, while forging a sustainable excellence and inspiring all stakeholders to meet our highest aspirations.

Our GoalsOur Goals

Strategic Themes - Engagement
  • To establish a distinctive identity and to enhance our reputation for excellence
  • To increase CUHK's visibility and impact around the world
  • To bind our staff, students and alumni in a strong esprit de corps
  • To cultivate the humanistic and moral character in students and to strengthen their emotional resilience

>Our StrategiesOur Strategies

Strategic Themes - Engagement
  • Engage stakeholders in an exercise to enhance the University's visibility, identity and positioning
  • Continue the recruitment of strategic hires globally and create a more friendly environment conducive for faculty members to live, work and play
  • Develop a diversified student population in terms of nationality and ethnicity
  • Enhance the experience and understanding of international cultures on campus and facilitate integration of students of different nationalities and ethnicities
  • Identify new target regions for student recruitment, such as Southeast Asia and East Asia
  • Engage our alumni with organized efforts to capitalize on their expertise in contributing to students' whole person development and learning experience
  • Raise staff morale, engage staff as powerful ambassadors and cultivate their sense of belonging
  • Leverage the experiential learning and general education opportunities provided by the Colleges and I‧CARE programme for whole-person—including humanistic and moral character—development