Foreword from the Vice-Chancellor and President

Foreword from the Vice-Chancellor and President

We are investing to build a better future for the Hong Kong, regional and global communities.

I am delighted to present to you the CUHK Strategic Plan 2016–2020, which outlines the strategic visions and goals we have identified to help the University realize its full potential and better fulfil its mission to serve the society as Hong Kong citizens as well as the wider community as global citizens.

The process of formulating a new Strategic Plan at CUHK has given us the opportunities to take stock on past successes and failures, to determine our visions and future goals in the light of challenges ahead, and to put forward strategies for our developments not only in response to changing needs but also as an active and participating agent to drive intellectual, social and economic changes.

The strategic themes attest to our commitment to achieve excellence through our core functions of creation, dissemination and exchange of knowledge, as well as our duty to engage stakeholders and the community.

Our strategies for education aim to enrich the learning experience for students as well as enhance their language proficiency to develop self-learning skills, lifelong learning commitment and competencies that will make them both innovative and entrepreneurial to flourish in—and contribute to—a globally competitive and rapidly changing environment. As a research-led university we shall continue to engage in cutting-edge research, especially in those interdisciplinary areas identified as our strengths, not only to make an intellectual impact internationally but also to benefit humankind in addressing challenges and societal needs locally, regionally and globally. Through engagement with the public we will better articulate, develop and communicate an identity consistent with our visions in order to facilitate the community in understanding our goals and recognizing our achievements.

In order to implement these strategic aims, we need to develop an enabling environment in which our human, financial and physical resources are appropriately allocated and deployed to help us attain sustainable excellence in teaching, research and knowledge exchange. Similarly, the University aims to maintain a world-class infrastructure that supports our academic endeavours in an information age.

The Strategic Plan represents the concerted efforts of the University stakeholders, whose valuable input has been incorporated in this document. Let me take this opportunity to thank all of them for giving us so much food for thought during the process of consultation and drafting of the Strategic Plan. I would like to thank, in particular, the Council for approving the Strategic Plan and taking up the responsibility for overseeing and monitoring its implementation.

I am sure that, with the collaboration of our talented staff, students, alumni, friends, and supporters, the goals we aspire to accomplish will in time translate into milestones of which we can be proud. By investing in the future of CUHK, we are investing to build a better future for the Hong Kong, regional and global communities. I would like to invite you to join hands with us to help this fine and unique academic institution maintain its characteristics whilst fostering its further developments. May I thank you heartily for taking an interest in the future of CUHK and the communities we serve.

Joseph J.Y. Sung
Spring 2016