Embracing Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development

CUHK espouses the values of people, social, and environment and economic harmonies in the pursuit of sustainable development

Contributing to a Better Future

As a responsible public institution, CUHK is committed to addressing society’s greatest challenges and contributing to the well-being of the global community, through the integration of teaching, research and engagement. University social responsibility (USR) has been a driving force—albeit unacknowledged at times—of its strategies and will be at the forefront of its next five-year vision. 

In fact, CUHK has been fulfilling its social responsibility and ensuring sustainable development in all its activities, as it discharges its functions in the creation, dissemination and innovation of knowledge, educating the youth and nurturing them as leaders in the globalized knowledge economy, exchanging knowledge that would impact society, developing and cultivating talent for the pursuit of excellence and engaging alumni and other stakeholders in the advancement of the institution.

CUHK takes a holistic approach to social responsibility, connecting and articulating its vision, goals and priorities to guide planning and management practices. We engage the University community throughout the process to ensure that all members understand and identify with the CUHK values and the quest for a sustainable and just world both for themselves and for those who follow in their footsteps.

Five-year Goals

The next five years is a time of transformation. CUHK aims to establish itself as the premier university embracing social responsibility for sustainable development. The CUHK community espouses the values of people, social, and environmental and economic harmonies in the pursuit of sustainable development, and it is determined to make a difference.

The University has set for itself concrete sustainable development targets in alignment with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which apply to all areas of the University’s endeavours. The SDGs are interconnected, and the progress of one goal will directly or indirectly facilitate that of the others.

A Portfolio to Success

The following three overarching strategies will guide the University’s pursuit of the five USR goals:

  • Promoting research impact for sustainable development
  • Nurturing socially responsible future leaders
  • Partnering communities in action

The USR portfolio outlines the initiatives and action plans guided by these strategies and focuses resources on relevant SDGs and achievable accomplishments in order to maximize impacts and efficiency.

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