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Chemistry is a central science. It plays an important role in our daily lives such as improvement of health care, improvement of food quality, environmental sustainability, energy supplies and finding of renewable energies. Scientists have discovered and improved the qualities on pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and pesticides, and new materials for building, clothing, electrical appliance and electronic device. They also discovered some chemicals which can cause detrimental effects to our environment and to our health. This knowledge can help our society to solve environmental problems such as global warming and ozone depletion.

In our department, the 4-year curriculum of our Chemistry Major Programme is designed to nurture students with fundamental concepts and practical skills in Chemistry. The curriculum strikes a balance between the theory and experimental skills, in order to equip the graduates to pursue more versatile career aspects. Students are given ample training in basic principles of chemistry, logical thinking, and practical chemical laboratory skills. Undergraduate students can take different streams in the upper years according to their interests. They are offered with three streams: Chemistry Major, Enrichment Stream, Testing and Accreditation Stream.

The research areas in our department are quite diversified, they cover areas in Environmental Science, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Apart from teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, my colleagues share the mission of extending the frontiers in science. They lead their research teams in discovering new materials, solving environmental problems and designing new synthetic methods in drug synthesis.