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Research Seminars

Speaker Title Date Time Venue
Professor Sanghee Kim
College of Pharmacy
Seoul National University
Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Alkaloids with Chirality Economy
January 7, 2020
2:30 p.m.

Room 104
Y.C. Liang Hall

Research Fellow
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Metal Nanomaterials with Novel Crystal Phases: Synthesis and Catalytic Applications
January 16, 2020
9:30 a.m.

Room G04
Y.C. Liang Hall(LHC)

Professor Chenjie Xu
Department of Biomedical Engineering
City University of Hong Kong
Nucleic Acid based nanotechnology for transdermal drug delivery and bio sensing
December 17, 2020
4:30 p.m.

Room L1
Science Centre

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