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The Department of Chemistry was invited to contribute in the construction of the China Digital Science and Technology Museum (CDSTM)

The Faculty of Science, CUHK and its constituting departments were invited to participate in construction of the Chinese Digital Science and Technology Museum (CDSTM), In recognizing of their contributions in promoting science education. The departments of Chemistry, Biology and Physics, together with the Center for Promoting Science Education (CPSE) of the Faculty of Science has jointly constructed a web-based teaching and learning platform to introduce some interesting science topics that related to some of the Hong Kong’s famous tourist attractions. In the Chemistry part a virtual jadeite lab was constructed to allow users to learn and experience how to use modern instrumental methods to identify whether a jade object has been artificially processed by chemical treatments. The web link:


China Digital Science and Technology Museum (CDSTM) is constructed jointly by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), Ministry of Education (MOE), and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It is a national web-based platform for promoting science education. This platform received recognition internationally as it was selected as the E-Science Medal Winner of World Summit Award 2007.


Educational Television (ETV) Programmes

To promote the general science, in particular chemistry to Secondary 1-3 students, the Department has produced a series of six ETV programmes with the ETV Section, Curriculum Development Institute, Education and Manpower Bureau as shown below:

Titles of the ETV Programmes produced:

  • Solutions and Solvents
  • Air and Combustion
  • Acids and Alkalis
  • Neutralisation
  • Elements and Compounds
  • Metals


Inquiry-Based Experiment

The Department co-organised with the Curriculum Development Institute, Education and Manpower Bureau a one-day workshop for about 30 teachers in January 2002 to introduce an inquiry-based approach in practical work to support the new Secondary 4-5 Chemistry Curriculum launched in 2003. An exemplary manual was prepared subsequently and distributed to secondary schools as a resource material.


Production of IT-Resource Materials

The Department won an open bid from the Curriculum Development Institute, Education and Manpower Bureau to produce an interactive CD-ROM package entitled "Reactions of Metals" in 2003. It was a bilingual multimedia learning kit containing a collection of resource materials to enhance the learning of chemistry of various metals.


Enriching Students' Learning Experience in Science

This function was part of the collaborative research and development project on “Enriching Students' Learning Experience in Science through Incorporating Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into School-based Curriculum” embarked on by the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education and Manpower Bureau. It was held on July 29, 2003 . About thirty Secondary 4 and 6 students participated in research activities related to analytical chemical analysis of TCM held in our Department. The activities included laboratory tours, talk and experiments.