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Course Information

Course List

Course Code Course Title Unit(s)
CHEM1070 Principles of Modern Chemistry 3
CHEM1870 Essential Experimental Chemistry 2
CHEM1280 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biomolecules 3
CHEM2270 Student Oriented Teaching 1
CHEM2120 Main Group Chemistry 2
CHEM2850 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHEM2200 Basic Principles and Hydrocarbons 3
CHEM2820 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHEM2300 Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium 2
CHEM2830 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHEM2320 Fundamentals of Spectroscopic Analysis 2
CHEM2330 Tools in Physical Chemistry 3
CHEM2380 Chemical Safety and Practices 2
CHEM2382 Chemistry of Life 2
CHEM2400 Analytical Chemistry 2
CHEM2408 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHEM2822 Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1
CHEM3130 Transition Metal Chemistry 3
CHEM3860 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory II 2
CHEM3220 Alcohols, Ethers, and Carbonyl Compounds 2
CHEM3230 Amines, Arenes, and Heterocycles 2
CHEM3810 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II 2
CHEM3820 Organic Chemistry Laboratory III 2
CHEM3310 Chemical Bonding 2
CHEM3320 Chemical Kinetics 2
CHEM3830 Physical Chemistry Laboratory II 2
CHEM3410 Instrumental Analysis 3
CHEM3870 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory II 2
CHEM4030 Problem-based Learning I 0
CHEM4040 Problem-based Learning II 4
CHEM4100 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 2
CHEM4200 Pericyclic Reactions and Biomolecules 2
CHEM4302 Statistical Thermodynamics 2
CHEM4330 Molecular Spectroscopy 2
CHEM4820 Physical Chemistry Laboratory III 2
CHEM4400 Advanced Analytical Chemistry 2
CHEM4710 Quantum Chemistry 2
CHEM4480 Undergraduate Special Project I 1
CHEM4490 Undergraduate Special Project II 1
CHEM4980 Undergraduate Thesis I 0
CHEM4990 Undergraduate Thesis II 4
The following elective courses are for undergraduates. Courses to be offered each year are to be decided by the Chemistry Department.
Undergraduate Electives:
CHEM4430 Practices in Testing Laboratory 2
CHEM4630 Asymmetric Organic Synthesis 2
CHEM4640 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2
CHEM4710 Quantum Chemistry 2
CHEM4720 Molecular Modelling 2
CHEM4730 Special Topics in Chemistry 2
CHEM4780 Mass Spectrometry 2
CHEM4781 NMR Spectroscopy 2
CHEM4784 Bioanalytical Methods 2
CHEM4785 Industrial Chemistry 2
CHEM4788 Chemical Applications in Forensic Science 2
The following elective courses are for postgraduate students. Undergraduates may consider taking these courses to fulfill their programme requirement starting from 2010-11 at the approval of Department. They should be aware that taking these courses is subject to more stringent standards and undergraduates are to be assessed with postgraduate students simultaneously. Courses to be offered each year are to be decided by the Chemistry Department.
Graduate Electives:
CHEM5080 Introduction to Macromolecules 2
CHEM5302 Advanced Statistical Mechanics 2
CHEM5530 Organometallic Chemistry 2
CHEM5540 Bioinorganic Chemistry 2
CHEM5550 Organolanthanide Chemistry 2
CHEM5620 Synthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry 2
CHEM5630 Synthesis of Natural Products 2
CHEM5642 Supramolecular Chemistry 2
CHEM5660 Advanced Organic Chemistry: Structures and Mechanisms 2
CHEM5680 Introduction to Chemical Biology 2
CHEM5780 MS of Biomolecules 2
CHEM5781 Advanced NMR Spectroscopy 2
CHEM5782 Principles of Biomolecular NMR Spectoscopy 2
CHEM5783 Introduction to Laser Spectroscopy 2
CHEM5784 Instrumental Analysis of Biomolecules 2
CHEM5910 Current Topics in Chemistry 2
CHEM5930 Molecular Quantum Mechanics 2