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Major Programme Requirement (Applicable to students admitted in 2017-18)

Chemistry (Science, Technology and Research Stream)

Students are required to complete a minimum 12 units of courses as follows:

1. Required courses  

(a) One Faculty Package course
     Choose from the two remaining groups of the Faculty Package that have not
      been used to fulfill the Faculty Package Requirement


(b) Research courses
     STAR2000, 3000, 4000[c]


(c) Seminar courses
     STAR2050, 3050, 4050

2. Experiential Learning ---
  At least 4 consecutive weeks of outside Hong Kong exposure [d]  
Explanatory Notes:

CHEM courses at 2000 and above level as well as those labeled as # will be included in the calculation of Major GPA for honours classification.


Potential students majoring in Chemistry are strongly recommended to take CHEM1870 as basic training to prepare for laboratory classes in upper years.


A student in the final year of attendance may, under special circumstances and with written approval from the Department, select CHEM4480 and/or 4490 to substitute up to two units of any lecture or laboratory courses in the Chemistry Programme.


All Chemistry students are required to take at least one course from PHYS1001, 1002 and 1111, including the ones listed under the Faculty Package.


Students who have taken both CHEM4780 and 4784 can use one of the courses to fulfill the Elective Courses requirement as prescribed in 3(c).


Students may select research-oriented course(s), as approved by the Major Programme, to substitute up to 4 units for fulfillment of Research Courses requirement.


Students must complete any exchange/research/internship programme(s) offered by the University, Colleges, the Faculty of Science or Major Programme, as approved by the Major Programme, to fulfill the Experiential Learning requirement. Students are responsible for the extra costs incurred in the exchange/research/internship programme(s).


Course units of the following CHEM courses will be revised from 2 to 3 units with effect from the academic year listed below. Students admitted before 2019-20 should have already taken these courses before the revision.


Courses Effective year
CHEM2200, 2300 and 2310 2020-21
CHEM3130, 3320 and 3410 2021-22
@Students may take CHEM4030 / 4040 or CHEM4980 / 4990 as a substitute for STAR4000.