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Message from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor


Professor Kit-Tai Hau         

Pro-Vice-Chancellor / Vice-President
Professor of Educational Psychology
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Being a world-class university with a long history of establishment and a mission to nurture students who are able to produce scholarly output as well as to contribute to the community, The Chinese University of Hong Kong has always put great emphasis on teaching and learning. We aim at equipping students with knowledge and capabilities that enable them to excel in the fast-changing modern world. The Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo, first launched in 2007, is now coming to its seventh year. The Expo is an annual occasion where teachers share teaching and learning experiences and strategies with their fellow colleagues as an effort to strive for excellence in practice. It facilitates not only exchanges within the University but also provides a platform for sharing within the academic community at large.

The 3-3-4 curriculum was launched last year. The Expo this year thus has an additional function in giving us the time and space to reflect and review the experiences we have had after the first year of the new curriculum. It will be a golden opportunity for us to consolidate what we have learnt and pave our way for the future. Other than looking back at the new curriculum, Expo 2013 should also be an ideal platform for teachers to disseminate their results in teaching and learning projects as well as diffuse innovative teaching strategies to the bigger teacher community. I believe the Expo will continually act as a catalyst to enhance teaching and learning not only at CUHK but also the academia as a whole. Finally, I wish the Expo 2013 a great success and look forward to learning from my fellow colleagues in the event.