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Poster Awards

Poster Number Name of Presenters Unit Title Poster Photos
P14 Prof. Morris Siu-Yung Jong1, Eric Tsun-Hin Luk2, Eva Xueqi Zhang2, Silu Li2 1Department of Curriculum and Instruction, 2Centre for the Advancement of IT in Education LOCALe & EagleEye: Equipping Education Students with Pedagogical Knowledge and Technical Skills in Facilitating Outdoor Exploratory Learning
P15 Elsie Christopher, Dr Yvonne Loong Independent Learning Centre The Interview Skills Development System (ISDS): Improving Individual Performance
P26 Dr Cheung-Ming Chow1, Dr Lawrence Chi-Ming Chiu1, Dr Kwok-Cheong Chung1, Arthur Chan2 1School of Life Sciences,
2Starwish Little Prince Studio Limited
The Game Design of a Mobile App for Learning Biology Terminologies: Transforming the Nerve-racking Tasks into Fun
P31 Dr Ann Sin-Nga Lau1, Kaman Lee1, Eva Cheung2, Prinporn Lau2 1School of Biomedical Sciences, 2Information Technology Services Centre Transforming the Gadgets @ CU eLearning System to a Peer Assessment Platform and Fostering Group Interactions

Poster Commendations

Poster Number Name of Presenters Unit Title Poster Photos
P13 Dr Sally Wai-Yan Wan Department of Curriculum and Instruction Differentiated Instruction: Pre-service Teachers’ Learning in the Knowledge Building Community
P22 Dr Kendrew Kin-Wah Mak Department of Chemistry Instructional Video for Introductory Organic Chemistry Experiments
P29 Dr Isabel Hwang School of Biomedical Sciences The Power of Mobile eLearning Apps: How the Teaching and Learning Environment is Being Given a Facelift in Biomedical Teaching
P33 Michael Wai-Yeung Chung, Prof. Yuanan Jiang, Dr Vincent Lee, Chi-Sun Ng, Winnie Lee School of Chinese Medicine Chinese Materia Medica Memorizer - the Flash Cards on Smartphone
P46 Prof. Helen Meng, William Leung, Simon Wong Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Development of Text-to-Audiovisual Speech Synthesis to Support Interactive Language Learning on a Mobile Device

People's Prize

Poster Number Name of Presenters Unit Title Poster Photos
P18 Prof. Eunice Tang1, Edsoulla Chung2, Eddy Li2, Steven Yeung2 1Faculty of Education, 2English Language Teaching Unit VLearn for English Vocabulary Learning