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OBA roadmaps by faculties and GE (P1-P9)
The outcome-based approach (OBA) to teaching and learning is one that focuses on educational efforts leading to desired student learning outcomes. As a response to the University Grants Committee (UGC)’s initiative in promoting OBA to teaching and learning, a revised OBA plan for the University has been drawn up and submitted to the UGC in April 2007. The University’s recognition and acceptance of diversity, and its encouragement for developing frontline initiatives are key factors leading to the success of the OBA endeavour. In cooperation with motivated and passionate teachers, the eight faculties and the General Education (GE) unit have generated a variety of initiatives for enhancing teaching and students’ learning. Each of the eight faculties and the GE unit have developed their own OBA Roadmap in 2007, and since have been making good progress in accordance with the Roadmap.
List of presenters
Name of presenters Unit Title Poster station Talk
1 Prof. Grant Hamilton
Prof. David Huddart
Department of English Knowledge Transfer in the Humanities, and a New Learning Resource P10 T17
2 Prof. Helen Zhao Department of English Web-Based Peer Feedback in First-Year English Writing Classes P11 T11
3 Prof. Jane Jackson Department of English Enhancing Study Abroad Learning through Guided Reflection P12 -
4 Prof. Ian Morley Department of History Forging a Blended Approach to Grasping the Urban History of Britain in the 1800s - T18
5 Dr Sally Wai-Yan Wan Department of Curriculum and Instruction Differentiated Instruction: Pre-service Teachers’ Learning in the Knowledge Building Community P13 -
6 Prof. Morris Siu-Yung Jong1
Eric Tsun-Hin Luk2
Eva Xueqi Zhang2
Silu Li2
1Department of Curriculum and Instruction
2Centre for the Advancement of IT in Education
LOCALe & EagleEye: Equipping Education Students with Pedagogical Knowledge and Technical Skills in Facilitating Outdoor Exploratory Learning P14 T19
7 Elsie Christopher
Dr Yvonne Loong
Independent Learning Centre The Interview Skills Development System (ISDS): Improving Individual Performance P15 T7
8 Dr Felix Lip-Yan Chao
Dr Vivian Yin-Ha Chan
Dr Mei-Ah Tan
Independent Learning Centre Independent Learning in Practice: “Self-Learning Chinese” and “University Chinese Grammar in Use” P16 -
9 Dr Vivian Yin-Ha Chan1
Ray Chau1
Dr Jacky Man-Leuk Yuen2
Ka-Yiu Yau3
Hong-To Chan3
Leo Fai-Hung Ma4
1Independent Learning Centre
2School of Biomedical Sciences
3Department of Chinese and Literature
4The University Library System
The Power of Words: An Attempt to Encourage Extensive and Proactive Reading and Writing Beyond the Classroom P17 T16
10 Prof. Eunice Tang1
Edsoulla Chung2
Eddy Li2
Steven Yeung2
1Faculty of Education
2English Language Teaching Unit
VLearn for English Vocabulary Learning P18 T14
11 Dr Wing-Hung Wong
Dr Julie Chu-Lee Chiu
Dr Kam-Moon Pang
Office of University General Education Student Engagement in General Education Foundation Programme P19 -
12 Louis Lui Lam School of Continuing and Professional Studies A Comparison Study of Student Learning Experience Using ‘Positive Technologies’ P20 -
13 Joyce Leung1
Prof. Wai-Yin Poon2
1Faculty of Science
2Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
Learning by Engaging and Teaching (LET) Programme P21 -
14 Dr Kendrew Kin-Wah Mak Department of Chemistry Instructional Video for Introductory Organic Chemistry Experiments P22 -
15 Prof. Pang-Chui Shaw
Prof. Siu-Kai Kong
Ady Wong
Kenneth Leung
Dr Kwan-Chi Leung
School of Life Sciences Learning through e-Observation - Videos and Interactive Questions on Common Concepts and Techniques for Effective Learning of Biochemistry P23 T3
16 Prof. King-Ming Chan1
Prof. T. F. Chan1
Prof. S. K. Kong1
Prof. Kevin Y. L. Yip2
Prof. Douglas P. T. Yung3
1School of Life Sciences
2Department of Computing Science and Computer Engineering
3Biomedical Engineering Program, Faulty of Engineering
How Our Students Learn from iGEM Competition? P24 T4
17 Prof. Liwen Jiang,
Dr Vivian Hoi-Ling Chan
Ivan Siu-Chung Cheung
Jim Ka-Ho Lau
Amy Yin-Ching Leung
School of Life Sciences Developing Video Learning Modules for Teaching Cell Biology P25 -
18 Dr Cheung-Ming Chow1
Dr Lawrence Chi-Ming Chiu1
Dr Kwok-Cheong Chung1
Arthur Chan2
1School of Life Sciences
2Starwish Little Prince Studio Limited
The Game Design of a Mobile App for Learning Biology Terminologies: Transforming the Nerve-racking Tasks into Fun P26 -
19 Dr Tsz-Ping Lam1
Prof. Shekhar Kumta1
Patrick Pak-Leung Tsang1
Prof. Paul Lam2
1Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
2Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
Upgrading the SLO Mapping Platform In Line with the University Teaching and Learning Strategy P27 -
20 Dr Susan S. S. Ho1
Kevin Y. Kong1
Prof. Paul Lam2
Kevin Wong2
1School of Pharmacy
2Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
Development of a New Course to Promote Lifelong Learning Skills in Pharmacy Students P28 T2
21 Dr Isabel Hwang School of Biomedical Sciences The Power of Mobile eLearning Apps: How the Teaching and Learning Environment is Being Given a Facelift in Biomedical Teaching P29 T1
22 Dr Rebecca Kit-Ying Lee1
Dr Ann Sin-Nga Lau1
Daisy Chen2
Judy Lo2
Prof. Paul Lam3
1School Biomedical Sciences
2Information Technology Services Centre
3Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
Interactive Web-based & Mobile-based Courseware for Effective Learning P30 -
23 Dr Ann Sin-Nga Lau1
Kaman Lee1
Eva Cheung2
Prinporn Lau2
1School of Biomedical Sciences
2Information Technology Services Centre
Transforming the Gadgets @ CU eLearning System to a Peer Assessment Platform and Fostering Group Interactions P31 T9
24 Dr Ann Sin-Nga Lau1
Prof. Paul Lam2
Kevin Wong2
1School of Biomedical Sciences
2Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
The Extended Use of uReply as a Tool for Evaluation P32 T13
25 Michael Wai-Yeung Chung
Prof. Yuanan Jiang
Dr Vincent Lee
Chi-Sun Ng
Winnie Lee
School of Chinese Medicine Chinese Materia Medica Memorizer - the Flash Cards on Smartphone P33 -
26 Dr David Lap-Kei Chow
Dr Fred Kei-Tat Ku
Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics An Introduction to an Online Platform for Multimedia Educational Resources (PMER) P34 -
27 Prof. Amy Barrow Centre for Right and Justice, Faculty of Law The Individual, the Community and the Law: Integrating Socio-Legal Studies into the Study of the Law P35 T8
28 Almaz M. K. Chak
Prof. Shige Makino
Department of Management Learning Motivations of and Learning Barriers in Participating in Overseas Internships P36 -
29 Dr Jacqueline Wong1
Prof. Dennis Fan2
1Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics
2Business School
Early Phase of Exploratory Study at Student Oriented Cross Units Communication Platform P37 T10
30 Prof. Mei-Yee Leung1
Raymond Leung2
Prof. Wai-Yin Poon3
1Office of University General Education
2Office of Student Affairs
3Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
The Entry Survey and a Comparison of Two Cohorts of Students Admitted to CUHK in 2012 P38 T12
31 Prof. Lai-Wan Chan1
Dr Susanna Wai-Yee Kwok2
Prof. Sunny Kai-Sun Kwong3
Prof. Pan-Chiu Lai4
Prof. Wai-Yin Poon5,6
1Faculty of Engineering
2Faculty of Business Administration
3Faculty of Social Science
4Faculty of Arts
5Faculty of Science
6Centre for Learning Enhancement And
An Inter-faculty E-learning Platform P39 -
32 Prof. Wai-Yin Poon1
Kitty Yu2
1Centre for Learning Enhancement And
2Academic and Quality Section
Diffusion of TDG Projects to Enhance Sustainability and Collaboration P40 -
33 Prof. Paul Lam
Kevin Wong
Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research Mobile Learning@ CUHK P41 -
34 Prof. Paul Lam
Kevin Wong
Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research uReply P42 -
35 Prof. Paul Lam1
Judy Lo2
1Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
2Information Technology Services Centre
CU eLearning System User Forum P43 T15
36 Dr Tsz-Yeung Wong
Ka-Man Chan
Gloria Wing-Hei Lee
Department of Computer Science and Engineering PopQuiz: Video-based Learning and Practicing Platform P44 -
37 Prof. Irwin Kuo-Chin King
Dr Tsz-Yeung Wong
Department of Computer Science and Engineering EasyScriptor - A Term Paper Wizard P45 T5
38 Prof. Helen Meng
William Leung
Simon Wong
Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Development of Text-to-Audiovisual Speech Synthesis to Support Interactive Language Learning on a Mobile Device P46 -
39 Prof. Ruxu Du
Dr Longhan Xie
Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering A Multimedia Website for Teaching and Learning Design and Manufacturing P47 -
40 Prof. Marc Aurel Schnabel
Sky Tian-Tian Lo
School of Architecture Collaborative Mass Housing Design Studio P48 T6
41 Prof. Ching-Man Lam
Prof. Siu-Ming To
Prof. Wallace Chi-Ho Chan
Eva M. K. Lo Ng
Department of Social Work Reflective-Action Learning in the Social Work Undergraduate program P49 -
42 Allan Carrington1
Prof. Shekhar Kumta2
Joseph Leung2
Alex Yung2
Yan Jin2
1University of Adelaide
2Teaching and Learning Resources Centre, Faculty of Medicine
Creating Your Own Scenario-Based E-Learning P50 S1
43 Prof. Shekhar Kumta1
Alex Yung1
Joseph Leung1
Yan Jin1
Prof. Samuel Y. S. Wong2
Prof. Katrina W. K. Tsang2
1Teaching and Learning Resources Centre, Faculty of Medicine
2Division of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care, Faculty of Medicine
Facilitate Your Teaching with Apps P51 -