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Timetable of Talks

Session Time Room
Name of presenters Title
S1 1:30pm – 3:25pm 210 Allan Carrington
Prof. Shekhar Kumta
Joseph Leung
Alex Yung
Yan Jin
Creating Your Own Scenario-Based E-Learning
T1 1:30pm – 1:55pm 201 Dr Isabel Hwang The Power of Mobile eLearning Apps: How the Teaching and Learning Environment is Being Given a Facelift in Biomedical Teaching
T2 202 Dr Susan S. S. Ho
Kevin Y. Kong
Prof. Paul Lam
Kevin Wong
Development of a New Course to Promote Lifelong Learning Skills in Pharmacy Students
T3 204 Prof. Pang-Chui Shaw
Prof. Siu-Kai Kong
Ady Wong
Kenneth Leung
Dr Kwan-Chi Leung
Learning through e-Observation - Videos and Interactive Questions on Common Concepts and Techniques for Effective Learning of Biochemistry
T4 206 Prof. King-Ming Chan
Prof. T. F. Chan
Prof. S. K. Kong
Prof. Kevin Y. L. Yip
Prof. Douglas P. T. Yung
How Our Students Learn from iGEM Competition?
T5 2:00pm – 2:25pm 201 Prof. Irwin Kuo-Chin King
Dr Tsz-Yeung Wong
EasyScriptor - A Term Paper Wizard
T6 202 Prof. Marc Aurel Schnabel
Sky Tian-Tian Lo
Collaborative Mass Housing Design Studio
T7 204 Elsie Christopher
Dr Yvonne Loong
The Interview Skills Development System (ISDS): Improving Individual Performance
T8 206 Prof. Amy Barrow The Individual, the Community and the Law: Integrating Socio-Legal Studies into the Study of the Law
T9 2:30pm – 2:55pm 201 Dr Ann Sin-Nga Lau
Kaman Lee
Eva Cheung
Prinporn Lau
Transforming the Gadgets @ CU eLearning System to a Peer Assessment Platform and Fostering Group Interactions
T10 202 Dr Jacqueline Wong
Prof. Dennis Fan
Early Phase of Exploratory Study at Student Oriented Cross Units Communication Platform
T11 204 Prof. Helen Zhao Web-Based Peer Feedback in First-Year English Writing Classes
T12 206 Prof. Mei-Yee Leung
Raymond Leung
Prof. Wai-Yin Poon
The Entry Survey and a Comparison of Two Cohorts of Students Admitted to CUHK in 2012
T13 3:00pm – 3:25pm 201 Dr Ann Sin-Nga Lau
Prof. Paul Lam
Kevin Wong
The Extended Use of uReply as a Tool for Evaluation
T14 202 Prof. Eunice Tang
Edsoulla Chung
Eddy Li
Steven Yeung
VLearn for English Vocabulary Learning
T15 204 Prof. Paul Lam
Judy Lo
CU eLearning System User Forum
T16 206 Dr Vivian Yin-Ha Chan
Ray Chau
Dr Jacky Man-Leuk Yuen
Ka-Yiu Yau
Hong-To Chan
Leo Fai-Hung Ma
The Power of Words: An Attempt to Encourage Extensive and Proactive Reading and Writing Beyond the Classroom
T17 3:30pm – 4:00pm 202 Prof. Grant Hamilton
Prof. David Huddart
Knowledge Transfer in the Humanities, and a New Learning Resource
T18 204 Prof. Ian Morley Forging a Blended Approach to Grasping the Urban History of Britain in the 1800s
T19 206 Prof. Morris Siu-Yung Jong
Eric Tsun-Hin Luk
Eva Xueqi Zhang
Silu Li
LOCALe & EagleEye: Equipping Education Students with Pedagogical Knowledge and Technical Skills in Facilitating Outdoor Exploratory Learning