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Presentation Materials

Presentation Materials Video
Formal Opening ---
Keynote I - Facilitating Intercultural Learning on Campus: Strengthening the Research-Teaching Nexus
Prof. Jane Jackson
Keynote II - Learning without Teaching?
Prof. Lutz-Christian Wolff
Keynote III - Disruptive Padagogy: How Far can a Good Idea Reach?
Allan Carrington
--- Video

Presentation Materials of Talk Presentations

Talk Session Name of Presenters Title Presentation Materials
S1 Allan Carrington, Prof. Shekhar Kumta, Joseph Leung, Alex Yung, Yan Jin Creating Your Own Scenario-Based E-Learning ---
T1 Dr Isabel Hwang The Power of Mobile eLearning Apps: How the Teaching and Learning Environment is Being Given a Facelift in Biomedical Teaching ---
T2 Dr Susan S. S. Ho, Kevin Y. Kong, Prof. Paul Lam, Kevin Wong Development of a New Course to Promote Lifelong Learning Skills in Pharmacy Students ---
T3 Prof. Pang-Chui Shaw, Prof. Siu-Kai Kong, Ady Wong, Kenneth Leung, Dr Kwan-Chi Leung Learning through e-Observation - Videos and Interactive Questions on Common Concepts and Techniques for Effective Learning of Biochemistry ---
T4 Prof. King-Ming Chan, Prof. T. F. Chan, Prof. S. K. Kong, Prof. Kevin Y. L. Yip, Prof. Douglas P. T. Yung How Our Students Learn from iGEM Competition? ---
T5 Prof. Irwin Kuo-Chin King, Dr Tsz-Yeung Wong EasyScriptor - A Term Paper Wizard ---
T6 Prof. Marc Aurel Schnabel, Sky Tian-Tian Lo Collaborative Mass Housing Design Studio PPT
T7 Elsie Christopher, Dr Yvonne Loong The Interview Skills Development System (ISDS): Improving Individual Performance ---
T8 Prof. Amy Barrow The Individual, the Community and the Law: Integrating Socio-Legal Studies into the Study of the Law ---
T9 Dr Ann Sin-Nga Lau, Kaman Lee, Eva Cheung, Prinporn Lau Transforming the Gadgets @ CU eLearning System to a Peer Assessment Platform and Fostering Group Interactions PPT
T10 Dr Jacqueline Wong, Prof. Dennis Fan Early Phase of Exploratory Study at Student Oriented Cross Units Communication Platform ---
T11 Prof. Helen Zhao Web-Based Peer Feedback in First-Year English Writing Classes PPT
T12 Prof. Mei-Yee Leung, Raymond Leung, Prof. Wai-Yin Poon The Entry Survey and a Comparison of Two Cohorts of Students Admitted to CUHK in 2012 ---
T13 Dr Ann Sin-Nga Lau, Prof. Paul Lam, Kevin Wong The Extended Use of uReply as a Tool for Evaluation PPT
T14 Prof. Eunice Tang, Edsoulla Chung, Eddy Li, Steven Yeung VLearn for English Vocabulary Learning ---
T15 Prof. Paul Lam, Judy Lo CU eLearning System User Forum ---
T16 Dr Vivian Yin-Ha Chan, Ray Chau, Dr Jacky Man-Leuk Yuen, Ka-Yiu Yau, Hong-To Chan, Leo Fai-Hung Ma The Power of Words: An Attempt to Encourage Extensive and Proactive Reading and Writing Beyond the Classroom PPT
T17 Prof. Grant Hamilton, Prof. David Huddart Knowledge Transfer in the Humanities, and a New Learning Resource ---
T18 Prof. Ian Morley Forging a Blended Approach to Grasping the Urban History of Britain in the 1800s ---
T19 Prof. Morris Siu-Yung Jong, Eric Tsun-Hin Luk, Eva Xueqi Zhang, Silu Li LOCALe & EagleEye: Equipping Education Students with Pedagogical Knowledge and Technical Skills in Facilitating Outdoor Exploratory Learning PPT