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People Prize
Poster Station Title Name of Presenters Photo
P34 Understanding undergraduate students’ intercultural sensitivity and international experiences Dr. Sally Wai-Yan WAN
Yuen-Shan TSE
Ylena Yan WONG
Archie Chong-Kwai YEUNG
Leo Lik-Chung WONG
Jacky Chun WONG
Kelvin Shing-Pan CHONG
Thomas Wing-Ki LEE

Poster Awards
Poster Station Title Name of Presenters Photo
P19 Use of a Collaborative Approach to Improve Teaching And Learning Yielding Sustainable and Translational Outcomes (CATALYST) Prof. Vivian LEE
Prof. Janita CHAU
Prof. Bryan YAN
Michael CHUNG
Prof. Wallace CHAN
Franco CHENG
Enoch NG
Laadan LO
Felix FONG
Livia NGAI
P44 Digital Storytelling: Use Teacher- and Student-Created Animated Videos to Teach Organizational Behavior and Strategy Theories Dr. Jenny TIAN
P59 Articulation of Metabolic Pathways Using Articulate Storyline Dr. Rebecca Kit Ying LEE
Daisy CHEN
Bernard Yat Nam NG
P68 Digitizing Cultural Studies Pedagogies Prof. Katrien JACOBS -

Poster Commedations
Poster Station Title Name of Presenters Photo
P1 The Design and Implementation of Complex Micro-modules and their Impact on College General Education Tutorial Teaching and Learning Prof. Ann HUSS
Rashon CLARK
Pauline DAY
Nathan FABER
P25 How PASS works in the General Education Foundation Programme: A Mixed Methods Study Dr. Wai Man SZETO
Prof. Mei Yee LEUNG
Dr. Kenneth Ming LI
Dr. Vivian Jun WU
Dr. Amber Lo Ming YIP
Isaac Ka Tai WONG
Ann Ka Yu LAI
P39 Gateway to a Makerspace - Initiating 3D Printing and Scanning Services in CUHK Library Ivan CHAN
Lily KO
P46 Mobile App on Learning Monetary Policy Dr. David CHOW -
P52 The Microscopic world of Bryophytes: a mobile and blended learning experience Dr. Cheung-Ming CHOW
Tin-Hang WONG
P61 uReply 2016 Prof. Paul LAM
Kevin WONG
Cherry TSOI
P65 A New Concept for the Micro-modules in Medical Education: The eLearning Clinical Skills (eC Skills) Channel Dr. Florence TANG
Prof. David CHUNG
Prof. Tony MAK
Prof. Simon NG
Jenny FANG
Kristy FUNG
Olivia NGAN

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