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Opening and keynote addresses Link to Video
Formal opening by Professor Benjamin W. WAH, Provost Link
Keynote by Professor Mei Yee LEUNG, Dr. Wing Hung WONG, Dr. Julie CHIU
Setting High Standards and Building Pathways for Student Achievement
Student Voice by CUHK students Link
Keynotes by Professor Yi Chun LU
Learner-Centered Teaching & Learning Activities
Keynotes by Professor Ka Ming CHOW
The Challenges of Large-class Teaching: Adoption of Innovative Teaching Strategies

Parallel sessions

Abstract Talk Presenter(s) Unit Title of Presentation Link to Video
6 T1 Prof. Irwin KING
Bo ZHU Anne HU
Raymond YUEN
Department of Computer Science and Engineering KEEP Learning for Life N/A
67 T2 Prof. Steve TSE Department of Chemistry Regularization of Fundamental Chemistry Knowledge through Online Interactive Video Micro-modules N/A
12 T3 Prof. Charles GOMERSALL
Prof. Wai Tat WONG
Prof. Czarina LEUNG
Prof. Gavin JOYNT
Prof. Colin GRAHAM
1 Department of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care
2 Academic Emergency Medicine
Experience of a Flipped Classroom Course to Teach Care of Critically Ill Patients Link
69 T4 Dr. Florence TANG
Prof. David CHUNG
Prof. Tony MAK
Prof. Simon NG
Jenny FANG
Kristy FUNG
Olivia NGAN
1 School of Biomedical Sciences
2 Clinical Skill Learning Centre
3 Division of Colorectal Surgery
4 Information Technology Service Center
5 Faculty of Medicine
6 The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care
A New Concept for the Micro-modules in Medical Education: The eLearning Clinical Skills (eC Skills) Channel Link
2 T5 Prof. Kit-Tai HAU Department of Educational Psychology Flip and the Ultimate Goal of Flip: Experience with Research Methodology Courses N/A
44 T6 Dr. Joyce Sio-Kun IUN Department of Management Rewards and Challenges of ‘Flipped-teaching’ in my Two-year Journey Link
9 T7 Chi Leung CHAN
Kwun Hung CHANG
Yale-China Chinese Language Centre Flipping Second Language Classrooms with Audio-visual Materials: Design, Production, and Evaluation of Developing Audio-visual Materials for Cantonese Second Language Learners N/A
13 T8 Prof. Czarina LEUNG Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Complex Skills Training via Blended Learning N/A
17 T9 Dr. Wai Kai WONG
Dr. Ann Sin Nga LAU
Dr. Sam Hong Kit POON
Dr. Rebecca Kit-Ying LEE
Dr. Willmann LIANG
School of Biomedical Sciences Learning Through Discovery: The Use of First-Person-Immersive Illustration (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality) On a Variety of Biomedical Sciences Teaching N/A
21 T10 Dr. Kenneth Ming LI
Dr. Kevin Chi Wai LAI
Dr. Wai Man SZETO
Office of University General Education UGFN Animated – Flipped Classroom with Whiteboard Animations N/A
4 T11 Prof. Cecilia CHUN
Kit Chi WONG
Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research Preliminary Findings of the CUHK Undergraduate Exit Survey N/A
77 T12 Prof. Helen ZHAO
Lexi Li
1 Department of English
2 Applied English Linguistics, Department of English
Concept-based Instruction on English Modality N/A
14 T13 Dr. Wai Tat WONG
Prof. Czarina LEUNG
Prof. Charles GOMERSALL
Prof. Gavin JOYNT
Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Computer Application in Teaching Chest Compression as an Adjunct to the Usual Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training on Medical Student N/A
15 T14 Prof. Carmen WONG
Prof. Shekhar KUMTA
Prof. Paul LAI
Prof. Samuel WONG
Wai Yan KAM
Sandra WONG
1 Family Medicine And Primary Healthcare
2 Task force for Clinical Communication Skills
3 Office of Medical Education
Blended Learning of Clinical Communications Skills Using eLearning Modules, Role Play Workshops and Video Review Link
22 T15 Dr. Kai Ming KIANG
Dr. Derek Hang Cheong CHEUNG
Dr. Andy Ka Leung NG
Dr. Vivian Jun WU
Office of University General Education Micro-modules for UGFN1000 Classroom Flipping Link
1 T16 Prof. Ann HUSS
Rashon CLARK
Pauline DAY
Nathan FABER
Morningside College The Design and Implementation of Complex Micro-modules and their Impact on College General Education Tutorial Teaching and Learning N/A
5 T17 Dr. Yvonne LOONG
Dr. Felix CHAO
Independent Learning Centre ISDS Ex: Promoting Independent Learning and Improving Students’ Interview Performance via a One-Stop Online Platform N/A
16 T18 Dr. Willmann LIANG School of Biomedical Sciences PictoPharm: An Innovative Approach to Learn Drug Names N/A
19 T19 Prof. Vivian LEE
Prof. Janita CHAU
Prof. Bryan YAN
Michael CHUNG
Prof. Wallace CHAN
Franco CHENG
Enoch NG
Laadan LO
Felix FONG
Livia NGAI
1 School of Pharmacy
2 Nethersole School of Nursing
3 Department of Medicine and Therapeutics
4 School of Biomedical Sciences
5 School of Chinese Medicine6Department of Social Work
Use of a Collaborative Approach to Improve Teaching And Learning Yielding Sustainable and Translational Outcomes (CATALYST) N/A
23 T20 Dr. Derek Hang Cheong CHEUNG
Dr. Andy Ka Leung NG
Dr. Kai Ming KIANG
Hin Yan CHAN
Office of University General Education Effects and Risks of Micro-module Implementation in UGFN1000 Link
28 T21 Dr. Paula HODGSON
Betty HUI
Xiangyu HOU
1 Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
2 Journalism and Media Studies Centre, The University of Hong Kong3Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative, The University of Hong Kong
Cognitive Exchange and Dissonance in a MOOC Forum Link
8 T22 Prof. Sharon Wai-yee WONG Department of Anthropology Studying Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Out of the Classroom: An Experiential Learning Project in Lei Yue Mun Museum and its Community N/A
31 T23 Queenie LAI Faculty of Law Making Law Students Client Ready: Training Students Lawyering Skills in a Substantive Law Course N/A
18 T24 Dr. Cho Lee WONG
Prof. Carmen W.H. CHAN
Prof. Helen Yue Lai CHAN
The Nethersole School of Nursing A Flipped Classroom with Micro-modules in a Foundation Nursing Course N/A
24 T25 Dr. Jie YANG Office of University General Education Bilingual Mechanism for University General Education in Classic Reading and Discussion Link
7 T26 Dr. John O'REILLY
Prof. A.S. HA
Prof. W.C. SO
Prof. C.S. TSE
Prof. Y.L. WONG
Department of Sports Science and Physical Education Examining the Effectiveness of “The Flipped Classroom” in Teacher Education Profession Link
10 T27 Dr. Kiu Tung POON Department of Music Shifting from Teacher-centered to Student-centered Education: A Project-based Approach to Piano Pedagogy N/A
32 T28 Prof. Michael LOWER Faculty of Law Student Control of the Means of Knowledge Production Link
11 T29 Prof. King-Ming CHAN
Prof. Morris S.Y. JONG
1School of Life Sciences2Department of Curriculum and Instruction Field Venture: Mobile Electronic Work Sheet for Field Study Link
20 T30 Dr. Sandy Wan Heng HOI
Dr. Wing Hung WONG
Dr. Kam Moon PANG
Office of University General Education Confronting Science Anxiety through In Dialogue with Nature Link
29 T31 Betty HUI
Cindi TANG
Center for Learning Enhancement And Research Maximizing Student Engagement: Variations in Assessment Tasks N/A
3 T32 Prof. Eunice Lai-yiu TANG
Dr. Eric Mau-yuen NG
Department of Curriculum and Instruction Teaching Awareness Enhancement: A Video Repository for Chinese Language Teacher Education(教學觸覺提升計劃: 中文教師教學錄影專頁) N/A

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