Council Committees

Council Committees

Administrative and Planning Committee

The Administrative and Planning Committee is a statutory committee established to assist the Vice-Chancellor in the performance of his duties, to initiate plans of University development, and to assist the Vice-Chancellor in reviewing and coordinating the annual and supplementary estimates of recurrent and capital expenditures of the University. The Committee reviews or proposes certain academic and administrative appointments as stipulated in the Statute before these appointments are made. It also deals with other matters referred to it by the Council.

Vice-Chancellor / President

Prof. Rocky S. Tuan

Pro-Vice-Chancellors / Vice-Presidents

Prof. Alan K.L. Chan, Provost
Prof. Poon Wai-yin
Prof. Chan Wai-yee
Prof. Sham Mai-har
Prof. Anthony T.C. Chan
Prof. Nick Rawlins

Associate Vice-Presidents (by invitation)

Prof. Daniel H.S. Lee
Mr. Laurie Pearcey
Prof. Chan Sun-on
Prof. Patrick C.M. Wong

Head of Chung Chi College

Prof. Kwan Mei-po

Head of New Asia College

Prof. Chan Sun-on

Head of United College

Prof. Stephen H.S. Wong

Head of Shaw College

Prof. Freedom Y.K. Leung

Master of Morningside College

Prof. Nick Rawlins

Master of S.H. Ho College

Prof. Vincent C.T. Mok

Master of C.W. Chu College

Prof. Wong Suk-ying

Master of Wu Yee Sun College

Prof. Anthony T.C. Chan

Master of Lee Woo Sing College

Prof. Yam Yeung (Acting)

Dean of the Graduate School

Prof. Anthony M.C. So

Dean of Arts

Prof. Tang Xiaobing

Dean of Business Administration

Prof. Zhou Lin

Dean of Education

Prof. Fan Xitao

Dean of Engineering

Prof. Tsang Hon-ki

Dean of Law

Prof. Lutz-Christian Wolff

Dean of Medicine

Prof. Philip W.Y. Chiu

Dean of Science

Prof. Song Chunshan

Dean of Social Science

Prof. Chiu Chi-yue


Mrs. Amelia Wong


Ms. Kitty W.H. Yu

Bursar and Director of Finance

Ms. Salome Y.P. Lam

University Dean of Students

Prof. Ko Wing-hung
Updated on 22 February 2024