Prof. John Y. Chai


Dr. Chan Tak-lam, Norman

Vice-Chancellor / President


Mr. Chow Chi-in, Dennis

Life members appointed by the Council

Dr. Lee Hon-chiu

Two members elected by the Board of Trustees of each College from among its own members*

Dr. Chan Tak-lam, Norman

Mr. Chan Cho-biu, Eric

Mr. Leung Ying-wai, Charles

Mr. Heung Shu-fai

Ms. Yan Hau-yee, Lina

Mr. Lee Kwok-chung, Simon

Mr. Fung Siu-to, Clement

Mr. Fan Shi-hoo, Hamen

The Head of each College*

Prof. Kwan Mei-po

Prof. Chan Sun-on, Hector

Prof. Wong Heung-sang, Stephen

Prof. Leung Yiu-kin, Freedom

The Dean of each Faculty and of the Graduate School

Prof. Tang Xiaobing

Prof. Zhou Lin

Prof. Fan Xitao

Prof. Tsang Hon-ki

Prof. Lutz-Christian Wolff

Prof. Chan Ka-leung, Francis

Prof. Song Chunshan

Prof. Chiu Chi-yue

Prof. So Man-cho, Anthony

One Fellow of each College elected by the College's Assembly of Fellows*

Prof. Shaw Pang-chui

Prof. Lee Ho-man, Jimmy

Prof. Ho Che-wah

Prof. Wu Che-yuen, Justin

Three members elected by the Senate from among the academic members of the Senate

Prof. Chu Ming-chung

Prof. Lo Yuk-ming, Dennis

Prof. Meng Mei-ling, Helen

Six persons nominated by the Chancellor

Prof. John Y. Chai

Mr. Chan Hiu-fung, Nicholas

Ms. Chan Yuen-sau, Kelly

Ms. Melissa Kaye Pang

Mr. Pang Yat-ting, Dominic

Mr. Wong Yu-wing, Symon

Three persons elected by the Members of the Legislative Council, other than Official Members, from among their own number

The Honourable Cheung Yu-yan

The Honourable Lau Kwok-fan

The Honourable Tang Ka-piu

Not more than six other persons, normally resident in Hong Kong, who shall be elected by the Council

Ms. Cheng Chi-man, Sonia

Dr. Kwok Ping-luen, Raymond

Dr. Chien Lee

Mr. Liang Cheung-biu, Thomas

Not exceeding three members elected by the Convocation from among its members

Dr. Kwok Pik-lin, Barbara

Mr. Lam Wai-hung, Enders

Senior Adviser to the Council

Dr. Cheng Wai-kin, Edgar

Secretary of the Council

* In relation to the original Colleges and Shaw College

as of 22 September 2023