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ESSC undergraduate student’s research leading to publication in peer-reviewed journal

photo of WONG Wing Ching Jeremy

ESSC undergraduate student WONG Wing Ching Jeremy has recently published an article as the lead author in Earth and Planetary Physics. With the guidance from Prof YANG Hongfeng and collaborations with colleagues, Jeremy has leveraged machine learning algorithm to detect microseismicity related to the recent hydraulic fracturing activities in the Sichuan Basin. Through a detailed mapping of the spatial-temporal pattern of the earthquakes, the study has shown that the emerged seismicity is induced by the human activities and disclosed their inducing mechanism and potential fault system. The analysis is significant because it laid foundation to further assess the potential seismic risk and hazard caused by the induced earthquake.

Jeremy's work is also awarded the Sophie Wai Chee Cheng Research Price 2020-2021 and the second runner up prize in the AGS(HK) Final Year Project Competition 2021. He was also invited to present his study in the Young Fellows Evening Talks of the Geological Society of London, Hong Kong Regional Group.

Wing Ching Jeremy Wong, JinPing Zi, HongFeng Yang, and JinRong Su, 2021: Spatial-temporal Evolution of Injection Induced Earthquakes in Weiyuan Area by Machine-Learning Phase Picker and Waveform Cross-correlation, Earth and Planetary Physics. http://doi.org/10.26464/epp2021055