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Consultant 顧問醫生
After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1995, Dr Chan joined the Department of Chemical Pathology at Prince of Wales Hospital and pursued specialist training in Chemical Pathology. Since 2001, he has become a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, the Hong Kong College of Pathologists, the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (Pathology) and Specialist in Chemical Pathology under the Medical Council of Hong Kong.
Dr Chan is actively involved in clinical service, research and teaching. Apart from serving as Duty Biochemist to advise on clinical consultations, he mainly functions as the Unit Coordinator of the Clinical Immunology Laboratory, Quality Manager for laboratory accreditation. At cluster level, he is the Cluster Coordinators in Pathology and Clinical Informatics and chairs the NT East Cluster Point-of-care Testing (POCT) Coordinating Committee, Cluster IT Committee for Pathology Services and Cluster Committee in Clinical Informatics.
As Clinical Associate Professor (honorary), Dr Chan also teaches medical students. His main research interests include heavy metals, toxicology, endocrinology, obesity as well as allergy & inflammatory diseases.
Selected publications:
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