General Education

CUHK believes that a world-class university education has to include training in specialized subjects and inculcation of critical powers and cultural sensitivity, qualities that define an educated world citizen of today and tomorrow. General education, a key component of undergraduate studies at CUHK, is built upon a balanced approach to whole-person education that combines Chinese humanistic ideals and western liberal arts contents.

University General Education

The University General Education curriculum provides students with a broad intellectual perspective and instils in them an understanding of the values of different academic disciplines. Students can choose from over 200 courses offered by various teaching departments which are grouped into four required study areas:

  • Chinese Cultural Heritage
  • Nature, Science and Technology
  • Society and Culture
  • Self and Humanity

Starting 2012, the current curriculum will be supplemented by the General Education Foundation Programme. The programme, mandatory for all first-year undergraduate students, will engage students in the reflections on perennial issues of human concerns through reading of original texts of lasting significance.

College General Education

College education is a unique feature of CUHK. Each College tailors its College General Education Programme to its cultural background and ideals. Colleges offer their students formal college general education courses, as well as college life education which puts an emphasis on student participation, sharing, and exchange.