Located in the northwest end of Sha Tin, 30 minutes by train from downtown Kowloon and 20 minutes to the Lo Wu border, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is celebrated for the beauty of her campus. The 138.4-hectare campus built on a hillside is the largest and the most stunning in Hong Kong. Most of this area is covered in greenery which is nicely carved out of rocks on three plateaux, and nestled among the greenery are tasteful buildings featuring a mix of Chinese and Western architectural styles. The CUHK campus is a famous haven for many varieties of flora and fauna which great care has been taken to protect and enhance. It also commands panoramic views of the Tolo Harbour and mountain ranges nearby. Many poets have waxed lyrical about its harmonious tranquillity and scholarly atmosphere.

The pedestrian-friendly campus is perfect for bird and botany tours, as well as hiking, cycling and long leisurely walks. In fact CUHK is home to some of the nicest walks in Hong Kong. A stroll from the MTR University Station to any of the University's Colleges may take you past a lily pond, rare trees, a Chinese pavilion, a tree-lined mall, monastic courtyards, a Chinese medicinal garden, famous sculptures, award-winning architecture and a plethora of other sceneries and structures as diverse and delightful. All this makes CUHK an ideal environment for intellectual and personal growth.

To guide the long-term development of its campus, CUHK has a Campus Master Plan (CMP) in place. Taking into account the teaching, learning and research needs of the University, the CMP maps out a sustainable and visionary blueprint for the development of the University campus in the years up to 2021 and beyond, setting the stage for CUHK to grow as a world-class institution enjoying both academic excellence and campus sustainability.