Areas of Excellence

Chinese Medicine Research and Further Development

Chinese Medicine Research and Further Development

Total Funding Approved

  • HK$32.992M
    (HK$25M (2001-2007) + HK$7.992M Sustained Funding (2008-2011))

Indicative Project Time-Frame

  • 2001-2011

Coordinating Institution

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Prof. Leung Ping-chung)

A consortium coordinated by CUHK with close collaboration from the City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, has been formed to promote the modernization of Chinese medicine and to provide clinical research for drug development. The efficacy-driven approach adopted by this consortium has received wide recognition and enabled it to establish a unique evidence-based scientific model for Chinese medicine research, with a view to identifying complementary or alternative treatments for clinical problems that are not adequately solved by modern medicine.

Five selected herbal formulae for anti-hepatitis B infection, alleviating menopausal symptoms, promoting ulcer healing, managing childhood asthma and promoting cardiovascular health, have been fully explored for their clinical efficacies, underlying mechanisms of action and safe applications. The present project represents a continuation of the joint efforts of the consortium in further pursuit of the two formulae for promoting ulcer healing and cardiovascular health. It will not only set models for clinical evidence on the efficacy of selected herbal formulae, but will also establish models for clinical trials and drug authentication for Chinese medicine, thereby paving the way for drug development and commercialization.