Research & Impact

The Chinese University of Hong Kong offers a wide range of research programmes in different subject areas and encourages all academic staff to undertake consultancy and collaborative projects with industry. CUHK has always adopted a liberal policy on research undertakings that allows breadth and depth. Research activities at CUHK cover dimensions laterally to encompass all subjects that are offered at CUHK, vertically to integrate staff research with teaching, and longitudinally to range from upstream research to midstream development.

Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for studying research policy issues and making recommendations, creating conditions conducive to quality research, setting up mechanisms for research project selection, funding and monitoring, and fostering the development of multi-disciplinary research at the University.

Research and Development

To further the University's aspiration to pursue productive research to the highest international level, practical assistance is rendered to researchers and relevant policies developed and implemented by the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services.

Engaging the Community

CUHK promotes and facilitates staff and students to extend their research output and expertise to the benefits of the industry and the community and contribute to the transformation of Hong Kong and the region to a knowledge-intensive and innovation-led economy.