Facts and Figures about Hong Kong

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Location Hong Kong is situated at the southeastern tip of the mainland of China.
History Hong Kong, a small trading port in 19th century, is now Asia's financial hub. Hong Kong returned to Chinese sovereignty on 1 July 1997 as a Special Administrative Region after more than a century and a half of British rule.
Languages Chinese and English are the official languages.
Religion There are various religious groups in Hong Kong, though the dominant religion is Buddhism. People are free to practise their religion.
Culture Hong Kong has an eclectic culture rich in Chinese customs and generously sprinkled with influences from southeast Asia and the West. Traditional Chinese festivals are celebrated each year, as are western festivals such as Christmas.
Climate Hong Kong has a subtropical climate: humid in spring and summer, with temperatures rarely dipping below 10℃ in winter. Typhoon season is May to November.
Currency 7.80 HKD ≈ 1 USD.
Time Zone GMT + 8
Electricity 220V 50Hz British 3-pin rectangular blade plug
Emergency numbers (police, fire, ambulance service) Dial 999
International Calling Code +852 (There are no regional codes.)